Texas Muay Thai & Kickboxing Academy

Program Overview

Our adult Muay Thai program is led by Kru Jonathan Harris and covers all aspects of traditional Muay Thai. We teach muay thai for beginners and advanced students.

Texas Muay Thai & Kickboxing Academy


In our fundamental Muay Thai program you will learn muay thai from the ground up. We will teach you the basic movements and combinations using partner pad work, heavy bag work and light contact blocking drills. In our fundamental classes we go over the ABC’s of clinching, which is an essential part of muaythai and we do light contact sparring (optional). Our system is designed to give you well rounded skills to develop top level fitness and ring tested technique for all level practitioners.

Texas Muay Thai & Kickboxing Academy


Our advanced muay thai classes are more for a competition style of training. You do not have to compete to attend this class but it is definitely what the training is geared towards. In advanced students do more “live” training with lots of sparring and high intensity training involved. This class is invite only.

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