Jennifer Ramsey and Yosheph Morales

Our assistant coaches in our kid’s programs are Jennifer Ramsey and Yosheph Morales. Jennifer Ramsey trained Muay Thai under Kru Jonathan for 8 years and has been the standout at her elementary school where she has taught for 13 years. Yosheph is one of our amateur boxers and MMA fighter.

Yoseph Morales- Meet our assistant coach Yoseph Morales. Coach Yoseph is our assistant coach in all programs and lead coach of the kids mma program. Yoseph has been with TxMTBA since it opened in August of 2020 and is a competitor in Boxing, mma, and Muay Thai , and earned the Fight-of-the-Night award in his Professional Muay Thai debut in January of 2023. Coach Yoseph works great with all ages and you can count on meeting Yoseph in your Intro lesson as you start your amazing journey into martial arts.